The face of the family vacation is changing.  As travel becomes more accessible in price, amenities and availability, families are increasingly taking vacations with extended members – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.  It’s no longer just mom, dad and the kids.  My last blog post we talked about reasons to take multi-generational vacations.  Now, we are going to talk about some of the best ways to travel with the entire family.


Cruising is perhaps the single best vacation you can take with a large group.  It can accommodate different budgets (so many category staterooms to choose from) so no one will feel left out.  But best of all, it’s an amazing way to travel for those who want to spend time with their loved ones, but don’t want to be attached at the hip the entire vacation.  Today’s megaships have so many activities, between clubs for children and teens, to culinary and dance lessons, art auctions, Broadway style entertainment, sports  –  that there is something for everyone.  You can do whatever you want and only meet up at dinner or in the evening if that’s what you wish.  Everyone sets their own pace, so all energy and activity levels can be accommodated.


An all-inclusive resort “entertainment and activities all in one place” is great for the beach loving family looking for a more relaxed trip and isn’t interested in seeing multiple cities or countries at once.  But similar to a cruise, an all-inclusive resort has something for everyone.  There are activities for all ages – kids’ and teen clubs, lessons such as tennis, golf, languages,  and depending where you are, even things like trapeze lessons!  Best of all, meals and beverages are included so there are no surprises.


Nothing brings a family together like tracing your ancestral roots.  Consider taking either a self-guided or escorted tour to the country of your ancestry.  The beauty of this tour is that it is completely your own – you can build it as you wish.  Maybe you have family overseas you would like to visit, or you would like to do a tour tracing your family’s migration to North America.  A travel advisor can work with you to customize it with the places that matter most to you.


Perhaps you want to be pampered and relaxed, but don’t want the hustle and bustle of other guests on a cruise or at a resort.  Rent a villa!  Renting a villa is so much more than just renting a house at the beach.  Depending on your budget, today’s rentals can come with personal chefs, butlers and concierge’s to cater to your every whim.  You get peace and quiet and treated like royalty at the same time.


Dude ranches are amazing vacations for active families who like the outdoors and who have always wanted to experience the Wild West.  Today’s dude ranches are packed with daily activities that appeal to all ages.  Many have spas and even all-inclusive packages so your meals are accounted for.  Spend your day on a horseback ride with the family and the evening by the campfire.  Or take in some spa treatments.  It’s all there for you.

Trying to decide WHICH vacation when you are working with a lot of people can be a challenge.  Designated one person to be the group leader, and then contact your travel advisor who can put it all together.  Often, there are extra discounts and perks available to groups that your advisor can get.  They will also keep track of all the moving parts so all you have to do is go and enjoy your time together as a family.

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