Travel trends are always evolving – where we go, what we see.  Geopolitics determines where we vacation, as do budgets, family situations, etc.  But as 2020 showed us, nothing shapes our vacations as not being able to travel and not being able to travel due to a worldwide pandemic.  As the world opens up, new trends have emerged, many of which are most likely here to stay.

Here are some of the most recent and popular trends the travel industry is seeing and which may influence and determine what your next trip looks like

Go big or go home (or stay home)

I’ve mentioned it before – but revenge travel is the next big thing.  Because people could not travel in 2020, they are taking bigger and better vacations in 2021.  Bucket list or dream list vacations are in.  Travelers have realized they no longer want to put off that dream trip since as the past year and a half has shown us, life can throw us curveballs.

Multigenerational family vacations

Traveling with extended family has become more important than ever

Multi-generational trips are more important than ever

Family time has become more important than ever.  We are not content to see our families just on holidays or quick weekend get-togethers.  Taking off, disconnecting, and creating memories with the whole family out in the world are what have become important.  All-inclusive resorts, cruises, and villa rentals are great vacations to take with large families.

Always out of office, or the workcation

Digital nomads have been preaching this for years, but work from wherever became a very real thing in 2020. The last year saw a shift from always in the office to remote work, something which has become permanent or semi-permanent for many. As a result, people are trading their home offices for ocean offices, and many properties are recognizing this. For example, The Graycliff Hotel in the Bahamas has created a workation special for those wishing to work while they escape.  Guests will enjoy a 50% discount on hotel rates if they book a minimum of 14 nights and take advantage of all-inclusive 5-star treatment at no extra cost. Many European countries have introduced digital nomad visas.

Culinary and market tours are just some of the authentic experiences travelers are craving.

Local, authentic experiences to stimulate the senses

While there is always a place in one’s itinerary for the big touristy, travelers are making room for the local experiences, activities that will slow them down and allow them to experience a destination like a local. Food and wine tours, market tours, and trips to visit local artisans are becoming as much a part of the vacation experience as a stop at the Louvre or the Acropolis.  Local companies such as help travelers identify the local side of their destination.

Larger and more private accommodations are desired

Families are no longer content to cram themselves into one hotel room.  They want room to spread out, and in some ways, enjoy some of the comforts of home. Private villa rentals or multi-room suites will see an uptick. Disney has a wide array of vacation villas ranging from 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suites to cabins and overwater bungalows, all with full kitchens, for those that want to visit the magic while still enjoying the comforts of home.  For adults, wanting privacy and romance, Sandals’ Resorts overwater bungalows in Jamaica and St. Lucia are just some of the amazing accommodations offered for those wanting seclusion and a little extra space.

Overwater bungalow at the Sonvea Jani in the Maldives – secluded and a bucket list item.

Travel agents are a necessity

When COVID-19 hit and everything, including travel, shut down, travel agents went to work. We spent countless hours tirelessly canceling and rescheduling vacations.  We spent hours on hold with suppliers. We monitored the ever-changing rules and regulations about who was eligible for what refund, who could travel where, what was open to whom. And we haven’t stopped.  Travel agents love the fine print, and it’s up to us to keep track of all the change and cancellation policies of every component of your trip, along with all the entry and exit requirements of your destinations.  We walk you through them so all you have to do is go and have a trip of a lifetime.  In addition, we have the contacts throughout the world to make those curated, local experiences happen.

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