When travelers come to me to book their beautiful beach vacations, one of the top requirements is always the most crystal clear, gorgeous, and bluest water.  They want the bluest and clearest water – the water that makes you swoon with envy and desire when you see it photographed like you have to be there RIGHT NOW or life is no longer worth living,

Where are these places?  Where do you have to go to swim in waters so lush and gorgeous?  Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.  Here are 7 places where you can see the bluest and prettiest water in the world.


This island nation is not the easiest place to get to, but its sheer beauty makes the journey worth it.  Sitting between the Indian and Arabian seas, the Maldives’ 1,000 coral islands are set in the clearest water in the world accompanied by the purest beaches. Stay in an overwater bungalow to ensure that you are surrounded 24/7 by the stunning blue ocean.  Want to get even closer?  Consider dining underwater in the world’s first undersea restaurant.


Great Blue Hole in Belize

Ambergris Caye is Belize’s largest Island and right next to the world’s second-largest barrier reef, making it a snorkeler and diver’s dream.   Explore the reef’s 500 species of fish and 100+ types of coral.  Or if you are intrepid enough, dive deep into the Great Blue Hole, a 120m deep sinkhole filled with stalactites and unique marine life.  If you’re not a diver, you can gaze out on the blue from one of the pristine white-sand beaches or try out one of the many other watersports the island is known for.

Plitvice Lakes National Park


Not all gorgeous water is in the ocean.  Located 2 hours from Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a natural wonder dotted with 16 stunning lakes.  Follow a wooden walkway that winds throughout the park and walk along and over pure waterfalls and lakes.  For a closer view of the deep blue water, take a boat ride.


Crater Lake

Closer to home, Crater Lake in Oregon is the United States’ deepest lake.  Because no streams or rivers lead into the lake, the water is almost crystal clear with no disturbances.  Its clarity is the reason that scuba divers are willing to brave its depths.  Incidentally, it is a staggering $1,943 feet deep with the sunlight extending 400 feet down.  The most popular months to visit are July-September as they are the warmest, with a high of around 67 degrees F.

The Exumas


Exuma is an archipelago of 365 islands surrounded by sapphire blue water.  The most famous of the beaches is Pig Beach where you can swim with the wild pigs that inhabit the island.  You can also pet a stingray while there or just snorkel in the gorgeously clear water.  Exuma is much more laid-back and quiet than places like Nassau, so it makes for an amazing romantic and relaxing getaway. 


Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Hanauma Bay is considered the top snorkeling spot in Oahu and in 2016 beach expert Dr. Beach declared it the best beach in America. It’s a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park.  The water starts out murky right along the shore, but quickly turns turquoise, light blue, and then deep blue and is teeming with pink and yellow coral reefs and tropical fish. But, be careful – only the strongest swimmers should venture out.  The currents are strong and can’t be easily seen from the shore.

Navagio Beach


The water here isn’t the only draw.  Also known as Shipwreck Beach, Navagio Beach has an actual shipwreck sitting on the beach.  The water here is a stunning turquoise blue and the only way to reach it is by boat. It’s located on the island of Zakynthos, which is part of the Ionian island group.  There is a viewing platform you can reach by car, but you have to arrive by sea if you want to actually visit the beach.

Any one of these can be incorporated into your dream vacation and I can make it happen for you.  Are you ready to pack your bathing suit and head off to some of the most beautiful and picturesque waters in the world?  Give me a call and I can make it happen for you.

Happy Travels!



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