Are there some far-flung remote places you’d like to visit but just aren’t sure how to get there, or if they are just pipe dreams? Do you desire to visit all 7 continents, but just gave up on the idea because visiting Antarctica seems too unattainable to you? Maybe you are simply ready for something more adventurous. Well, guess what? Seeing some of the most remote places on Earth has become so much easier by simply through cruising. The world is so much smaller now and if you’re dreaming of distant shores, there are so many options available to you.


Galapagos fur seal

The Galapagos is a destination in and of itself and thus, unlike other traditional cruises, you won’t find mega-ships sailing here. You won’t even find a mid-size ship – the only ships allowed in the archipelago are those that hold no more than 100 passengers. What you will find is a connection with the remote landscape and the awareness of your surroundings at times.

Only 3% of the Galapagos is inhabited by people – the remaining 97% is comprised entirely of animals. Because the Galapagos has the strictest conservation policies around, your activities will be monitored. Guests aren’t allowed off on their own. A result of the careful management of tourism is seeing almost the exact pristine environment that Charles Darwin witnessed.

Consider booking a voyage on the 100-passenger Celebrity Flora®, a ship designed specifically for the Galapagos. Built with natural materials and sailing with certified naturalists from the Galapagos onboard, you can be sure of an environmentally friendly and safe journey you’ll never forget.


Kayaking, one of the many excursions you can take on an Antarctica cruise

Go as south as any explorer can get and add yourself to the growing list of intrepid people visiting the remotest continent on Earth – Antarctica. Technologically advanced ships such as the National Geographic Endurance from Lindblad Expeditions will take you across the Drake Passage with ease before setting you down on the land of penguins, blue whales, and fur seals. Visit the routes of such storied expeditionists such as Scott, Amundsen, Ross, and Shackleton, and even visit the Ross Sea and Ross Ice Shelf.

Mainstream cruise lines are expanding more and more into this territory, and you can find Antarctic itineraries lines such as Celebrity as well. This dream trip isn’t as unattainable as you may think.


Some the local residents you may see on your way to the North Pole

Once you’ve done Antarctica, head to the other end of the Earth and go to the North Pole. Yes, the North Pole. Board a luxury hybrid electric polar exploration vessel –a luxury icebreaker – with Ponant Cruises, and sail from Spitsbergen, Norway to the Geographic North Pole 700 km from emerged land.

Along the way, check out the abundant wildlife such as polar bears, seals, and whales. This is a silent world, seen by few human beings. Because the ice is constantly drifting, your captain will maneuver you carefully to reach the northernmost point on the planet. Is this on your bucket list?


Some more Moai

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui in the original Polynesian, is considered one of the most isolated and remote places on Earth, sitting 2,300 miles from Chile’s mainland. It’s actually the most remote inhabited spot on Earth. Its mystery is heightened by the mysterious Moai, massive stone structures that mystify historians and archaeologists, and a cruise stop will offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience most travelers will never get to experience.

Contemporary lines such as Princess and Holland America sail to Easter Island, as do luxury lines such as Azamara. While the island boasts beaches, the draw and most popular activity is to visit the moai, almost all of which sit in Rapa Nui National Park (which also encompasses most of the island). Expect to pay $80 per person for this visit.

Itineraries that include Easter Island as a port tend to include longer world or South Pacific journeys.


The Suli Muli dancers of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the third largest island country in the world, yet considered the most rural with only 13% of its 8,000,000 people living in urban areas. Of all the remote places on earth, it’s probably the most inhabited by people. Most of its residents live on land owned by indigenous communities and administered with their customs. Since only the main island is accessible by plane, most of the nation’s villages interact with the so-called outside world via cruise ship visits.

Many cruise lines such as Seabourn, Oceania, and Silversea visit Papua New Guinea as part of larger South Pacific sailings. Visiting here is like taking a step back in time into a cultural journey through life that has remained pretty much unchanged for hundreds of years. The cruise lines have made sure that their excursions remain respectful of the locals and their customs. Don’t want to visit local villages? That’s ok. Maybe you’ll like to try some of the world’s best snorkeling. But bring your own gear – there is very little in the way of tourist infrastructure so few places to rent snorkel equipment.

Some of the most remote places on earth aren’t so remote anymore. Wherever you want to visit, I can help make it happen.  Just give me a call when you’re ready!

Safe Travels!


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