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Travel Resources to Help Guide You

U.S. Department of State Travel Information

Up to date travel information, downloadable forms and applications, and everything you need to make your journey a smooth one.

Passport Information and Requirements

Learn about new passport regulations, download an application to get or renew a passport, check the status of a passport application online.

Travel Warnings

Find out if your destination is safe to visit.

Consular Information Sheets

Fact sheets on every country in the world.

Transportation Security Administration

Find out what you are permitted to take on the plane.

Screening Process

Learn what to expect during the screening process.

TSA Pre-Check

Find out how to apply for this expedited screening program.

U.S. Customs

You should be aware of the rules for bringing items back from your trip and into the United States.    

Universal Currency Converter

Convert any currency.

Beach Temperatures

Coastal Water Temperature Guide


Weather conditions around the world

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Airline On-Time Statistics and Delay Causes

Flight Status-Air Traffic Control System Command Center

Check current airport conditions and flight delays

World Time Zones

Check the time around the world.

Travel Articles

Carry-on to Kenya: Follow me on my extraordinary journey Pt. 2
Carry-on to Kenya: Follow me on my extraordinary journey Pt. 2

I am a carry-on convert.  When traveling, I try to only bring carry-ons and avoid checking bags wherever possible, and my upcoming trip to Kenya is no exception. However, African safaris are unlike your average garden variety European trip, and packing for them pose...

Follow my extraordinary journey to Kenya – Part 1
Follow my extraordinary journey to Kenya – Part 1

I am going to Kenya.  I write all the time about bucket list trips, and one of mine has always been an African safari, to see the Big 5, to hug a baby elephant.  And through a stroke of luck and a good idea, it’s coming true.  Yes, I’m going to Kenya. How did this...